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Portus - 1 Claudian lighthouse that had been used by Caligula to carry an obelisk from Egypt to Rome. Apparently it was used as a caisson. 11 Mosaic in the Imperial Palace of Ostia, courtyard 73. This is a depiction of the upper part of the lighthouse. The fire is flanked by two objects looking like spoons. The fire in between looks

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26 Mar 2014 Ostia Antica - One of the best preserved Roman cities in the world! More mosaics, frescoes, and buildings. Category:Ancient Roman mosaics in Ostia Antica - Wikimedia ... English: Ancient Roman mosaics that were found in Ostia Antica and are still located there.For mosaics that were found in Ostia Antica but now are preserved elsewhere please see Category:Ancient Roman mosaics from Ostia Antica instead. For mosaics which are not sure where they are, please see: Category:Ancient Roman mosaics of Ostia Antica. Mosaics: small wonders from Ostia Antica’s great past ... Mar 09, 2015 · Ostia Antica was founded by king Anco Marzio in the 7th century BC to be Rome’s harbor. By the time it fell into decay at the end of the Empire, it had been embellished with incredible mosaics, both polychrome and black and white. Small tesserae in … Ostia Antica - Rome Nowadays, Ostia Antica is a large archaeological site. Located just 19 miles (30 km) west of Rome and on the River Tiber. During ancient Rome it was one of the most thriving cities in the region thanks to its status as Rome’s harbour city.

Ostia Antica is a large archaeological site, close to the modern town of Ostia, that is the location of the harbour city of ancient Rome, 15 miles (25 kilometres) southwest of Rome. "Ostia" (plur. of "ostium") is a derivation of "os", the Latin word for "mouth". At the mouth of the River Tiber, Ostia was Rome's seaport, but due to silting of Roman pottery types, the "Baths of the Swimmer", named for the mosaic  20 Jan 2014 In Rome's ancient port, Ostia Antica, cart drivers and their mules were Roman mosaics were a common feature of private homes and public  One does not usually think of recycling when ancient Rome comes to mind. of the nave is decorated with a Roman mosaic that was originally in Ostia Antica in   Rome. Italy. Ostia Antica. Mosaic of Roman merchant grain ship from Cagliari, Sardinia, 1st/ 2nd century AD, on Piazzale delle Corporazioni · Ostia Antica. Ostia Antica Mosaic. Just a day trip from Rome and perfect if you don't have time for Pompei but want to see a place lost in time. and see the ruins of the  25 Dec 2011 The steps of the amphitheater in Ostia Antica, a half-hour from Rome. tunics, going about their business on a black-and-white mosaic floor.

Ostia | Italy | Britannica Ostia, modern Ostia Antica, seaport of ancient Rome, originally on the Mediterranean coast at the mouth of the Tiber River but now, because of the natural growth of the river delta, about 4 miles (6 km) upstream, southwest of the modern city of Rome, Italy. The modern seaside resort, Lido di Ostia, is about 3 miles (5 km) southwest of the Ostia Antica - Colosseum Rome Tickets Ostia Antica was founded as Castrum in 355 BC, probably purely as a military base. Due to the increasing importance of the Roman lleet and Mediterranean trade, Ostia developed into an important hub to supply the capital. The town was rebuilt in the 1st century BC after destruction in war and by pirates, and had […] Regio II - Insula VII - Piazzale delle Corporazioni (II,VII,4)

20 Jan 2014 In Rome's ancient port, Ostia Antica, cart drivers and their mules were Roman mosaics were a common feature of private homes and public 

29 Apr 2017 Thought to be the first Roman colony, Ostia Antica was the harbour city of ancient Rome and is noted for its impressive mosaics, frescoes and  Like Pompeii, Ostia Antica is an ancient Roman ghost town—but this one lies just a The central hall here retains its magnificent floor mosaic of hunting scenes. capitolium temple at ostia antica archeological site - ostia antica stock pictures, royalty-free · Roman mosaic of two ships a light house and a dolphin from the  Stock photo: Ancient Roman Dragon Mosaic Floor Baths of Neptune Ostia Antica Ruins Rome Italy Excavation of Ostia, ancient Roman port, next to airport. 26 Nov 2018 Download royalty-free Ostia antica in Rome, Italy. Roman color mosaic located on a wall stock photo 228033020 from Depositphotos collection  Mosaics in the Ancient Roman Port in Ostia. Ostia Antica, for more than a millennium, was a bustling port of about 60,000 people and leaves a history that gives 

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